OSSM mourns passing of Senator Penny Williams

We at OSSM are deeply saddened at the passing of one of our original legislative champions and longest-serving friends, supporters, and advocates, Senator Penny Williams.  She, along with Senators Bernice Shedrick and Rodger Randle, the Honorable Robert Henry, and others championed legislation creating OSSM which Governor George Nigh signed into law in 1983.  She worked with Chairman Dan Little and Founding President Emerita Dr. Edna Manning for more than 25 years since OSSM was established, and has continued to be one of the school’s strongest advocates.  OSSM might not have existed without Senator Williams’ deep, heartfelt belief in the transformative impact it could and would have on students, and it may not have survived those early years and since without her strong, heartfelt advocacy.

Services for Senator Williams will be in Tulsa Saturday, April 28, at 2:00 p.m. at Trinity Episcopal Church.  Her obituary information is at:


A memorial service will be held April 28 at Trinity Episcopal Church.


Penny Williams helped transform so many young lives through her vision and efforts to make world class education available to them.  We will miss her very much and wish her, her family, and her many friends every blessing of God.

OSSM’s Senator Penny Williams Distinguished Lecture Series

OSSM mourns passing of Senator Penny Williams