Awesome Men of OSSM

In 2004, James Everest, Gary Fuller, and Edmund O. Martin formed The Awesome Men of OSSM with the specific goal of helping grow the OSSM Faculty Endowment to provide modest yet much needed supplements to OSSM faculty salaries.  Originally set at levels comparable to associate professors at major state universities, OSSM legislated faculty salaries have not stayed competitive over the years.

Awesome Men commit $5,000 over five years to ensure OSSM can always retain the superb faculty, more than 91% of whom hold doctorates in their areas of instruction, who transform many more student lives each year teaching world-class, college-level academics at OSSM.

Awesome Men of OSSM                     (■ OSSM Alum,    * Deceased)

Dr. Michael Anderson

Dr. John Armitage

Mr. Keith E. Bailey

Mr. W. Lance Benham III

Mr. Clayton I. Bennett

Mr. William M. Blaik *

Mr. G. T. Blankenship

Dr. David R. Brown *

Mr. Jonathan L. Brunsman ■

Mr. Jerry R. Burger

Lt. John M. Burger, M.D. ■

Mr. William Burger ■

Mr. Joel E. Champlin

Mr. Douglas R. Cummings *

Mr. Edwin de Cordova *

Dr. Bryan Eastin ■

Mr. James H. Everest

Mr. Lester Farmer *

Mr. Gary F. Fuller

Mr. Kirkland Hall

Dr. Don W. Haskins

Mr. Frank D. Hill

Mr. Dan Hogan III

The Honorable Jerome A. Holmes

Mr. J. Clifford Hudson

Mr. Craig Jimenez

Mr. Mark Lester

Mr. Dan Little

Mr. Edmund O. Martin

Mr. Bill Mathis

Mr. Aubrey McClendon *

Mr. Robert J. McGrew ■

Mr. David McLaughlin

Mr. Frank A. McPherson

Dr. Joseph F. Messenbaugh III *

Mr. Robert Naifeh *

Mr. J. Larry Nichols

Mr. John W. Nichols *

The Honorable Ronald J. Norick

Mr. and Mrs. Roy T. Oliver

Mr. William C. Payne *

Mr. Brenton A. Phillips ■

Mr. Ford Price *

Mr. H. E. Rainbolt

Mr. George J. Records

Dr. Galen P. Robbins *

Mr. Patrick T. Rooney

Mr. Joseph F. Rumsey III *

Mr. Mike Samis *

Mr. Nathan Seidle ■

Mr. Ben Shanker

Mr. Lee Allan Smith

Mr. James Vallion *

Dr. Frank Y.H. Wang

Mr. E. Dean Werries *

Mr. Bruzzy Westheimer

Mr. Allen Wise

Mr. William R. Yinger, Sr. *