Awesome Friends of OSSM

Founded in 1997 by Ann Alspaugh, Sarah Hogan, and Connie Fuller, the Awesome Friends began as a group of Oklahoma women committed to making a difference in the lives of brilliant students from across our state.  Initially providing matching funds to complete the first phase of the residence hall, Awesome Friends then helped establish the OSSM Faculty Endowment to supplement faculty salaries.  Now numbering more than 200, the Awesome Friends continue to pool their giving to stimulate additional grants and corporate giving.  Awesome Friends membership requires a commitment of $1,000 which can be paid at once or over four years.  “The power of women acting collectively is not to be underestimated and has been proven repeatedly by this strong group!” ~ Connie Fuller

Awesome Friends of OSSM             (■ OSSM Alum,  * Deceased)

Ms. Cecilia Abrams
Mrs. Kathleen Abshere *
Mrs. Ann Simmons Alspaugh *
Ms. Sue Ann Arnall
Mrs. Nancy Arnold
Mrs. Jane Austin
Mrs. Maxine S. Austin *
Mrs. Pat Bailey
Mrs. Antoinette M. Baker
Mrs. Barbara A. Baker
Ms. Jan Barrick
Mrs. Gene Barth *
Mrs. Wanda Bass *
Dr. Mary Ann Bauman
Mrs. Lu Beard
Mrs. Julie Shdeed Beffort
Mrs. DeDe Benham
Mrs. Louise Gaylord Bennett
Mrs. Carolyn Berry *
Mrs. Marilyn Bethea
The Honorable Deborah Blackburn
Mrs. Hilarie Blaney
Mrs. Elizabeth Warren Blankenship
Mrs. Lissa Blaschke
Mrs. Shirley Blaschke
Mrs. Lori Blumenthal
Mrs. Ann Bohanon
Mrs. Dolores Boyle *
Mrs. Nell Hathorn Bozalis *
Mrs. Sharon Bozalis
Mrs. Patricia Brandt *
Mrs. Sharlene S. Branham
Mrs. Sara Brown
Mrs. Cheryl N. Browne
Mrs. Carleen Burger
Ms. Nancy Burger ■
Ms. Bernice Butkin *
Mrs. Sara Jane Bynum *
Mrs. Jo Carol Cameron
Dr. Patricia Capra
Mrs. Beverly R. Carter
Mrs. Nancy G. Cheek *
Mrs. Bess Clay *
Mrs. Helen Prentice Cleary *
Mrs. Mary Clements
Mrs. Elizabeth Merrick Coe *
Mrs. Catherine Coffman
Mrs. Kaye L. Cook *
Mrs. Barbara J. Cooper
Mrs. Melinda Cox
Ms. Betty Crow
Mrs. Peggy Cummings
Mrs. Suzanne Cunningham
Mrs. Jean Dale *
Mrs. Anne J. Dalton
Mrs. Nancy J. Davies
Mrs. Nancy de Cordova *
Mrs. Marion B. DeVore *
Dr. Dorothy V. Dodd
Ms. Suzanne A. Donnolo
Mrs. Anne Dougherty
Ms. Carole J. Drake
Dr. Gloria N. Dupree
Ms. Teri Durr
Ms. Evalie Edwards
Mrs. Susan Edwards
Mrs. Lyn Pryse Elam
Mrs. Patti Jo Elder *
Mrs. Lida Elkins
Mrs. Nancy P. Ellis
Mrs. Barbara Eskridge
Mrs. Christy Everest
Ms. Tricia Everest
Ms. Pam Felactu
Mrs. Mary Holbrook Ferguson
Mrs. Nancy Ford
Mrs. Joan Frates
Mrs. Mary Frates
Mrs. Mex Frates *
Mrs. Josephine W. Freede
Mrs. Connie Fuller
Ms. Nedra R. Funk
Mrs. Carol M. Gilliland *
Ms. Connie Givens
Mrs. Laurie Givens
Mrs. Vicki Gourley
Ms. Betty D. Green
Mrs. Virginia H. Greenberg
Mrs. Nancy Greer
Mrs. Kirsten Griffin
Ms. Jean Gumerson *
Mrs. Julia Carrington Hall
Mrs. Karen Hall
Mrs. Ann Halligan
Mrs. Kirk Hammons
Mrs. Ann Hargis
Ms. Holly Healey
Mrs. Angie R. Hester *
Mrs. Bette Jo Hill
Mrs. Susan Samis Hoffman
Mrs. Ciane Hogan
Ms. Jill Hogan
Ms. Lisa Hogan
Mrs. Sarah Hogan
Mrs. Shawn Hogan
Mrs. Elaine B. Honnold *
Mrs. Ann Hoover *
Dr. Leslie Hudson
Mrs. Sally Hughes
Ms. Alice C. Hurst *
Mrs. Sue Ann Hyde
Mrs. Betty Jackson *
Ms. Amanda C. Jones ■
Ms. Marylin Jones *
Mrs. Judy Jordan
Mrs. Carol Kaspereit
The Honorable Yvonne Kauger
Mrs. Cathy Keating
Mrs. M. Lynn Kelly
Mrs. Lou C. Kerr
Mrs. Jill Click King
Mrs. Virginia Kite *
Mrs. Marilyn M. Law
Mrs. Patti Leeman
Mrs. Jenee Lister
Mrs. Prudence Little *
Mrs. Judy Love
Mrs. Karen Luke
Dr. Laura L. Mackie
Ms. Carol P. Magness
Mrs. Joan S. Maguire
Ms. Margaret C. Malloy
Ms. Mary Anne Malone
Dr. Edna McDuffie Manning
Ms. Eleanor Maurer *
Mrs. Kathleen Byrns McClendon
Mrs. D’Arline McCubbin
Mr. Richard McCubbin *
Mrs. Brenda McDaniel
Ms. Donna McKnight
Mrs. Nadine McPherson *
Mrs. Stephanie Meara
Mrs. Carolyn C. Mee
Mrs. Margy S. Messenbaugh
Mrs. Sandy Meyers
Mrs. Donna Moler
Mrs. Helen A. Moore *
Ms. Rita Moore
Mrs. Jeanne Mullins
Mrs. Bonnie Naifeh
Mrs. Jeaneen Naifeh
Mrs. Valerie Naifeh
Dr. Donna J. Nelson
Mrs. Mary Nichols *
Mrs. Polly Nichols
Mrs. Susan Nickles *
Mrs. Donna Nigh
Mrs. Madalynne Norick *
Mrs. Liz Onwuchuruba
Mrs. Barbara Paul *
Mrs. Joan Payne
Mrs. Lori Payne
Mrs. Barbara Perry
Mrs. Jeannine Rainbolt *
Mrs. Kim Rainbolt
Mrs. Geraldine Raupe *
Mrs. Nancy Records *
Mrs. Berta Faye Rex *
Mrs. Melba Rhinehart
Mrs. Jane Mullaly Rhodes
Ms. Judy Richardson
Mrs. Mozelle Richardson
Ms. Susan Richardson
Mrs. Barbara V. Robbins
Ms. Pamela Robinson
Mrs. Linda R. Rodgers
Mrs. Marianne B. Rooney
Mrs. Martha Parker Sadler *
Ms. Margaret S. Salyer
Mrs. Karen Samis
Mrs. Chelin Satherlie
Mrs. Shirley Shanker
Mrs. Pamela H. Shdeed
The Honorable Bernice Shedrick
Mrs. Mary Key Shipp
Ms. Jeanne Hoffman Smith
Mrs. Cornelia Sneed *
Mrs. Elena Snell
Mrs. Sue Moss Sullivan
Mrs. Wanda Swisher
Mrs. Beth Tolbert
Ms. Jo Curtis Towery
Mrs. Carol Wilkinson Troy
Mrs. Gladys H. Tucker *
Mrs. Betty Lou Upsher *
Mrs. Doretha Van Horn *
Mrs. Marilyn Warren Vandever
Mrs. Sharon Varnum
Mrs. Donna Kennedy Vogel
Mrs. Anne Reniers Vose
Mrs. Katherine W. Walker
Mrs. Pat Becker Wallis
Ms. Jean M. Warren
Mrs. Karin Z. Warren *
Mrs. Ruth Bozalis Warren *
Mrs. Laura Warriner
Mrs. Betsy White
Mrs. Anna Noel Williams
Mrs. Martha Williams *
The Honorable Penny Williams *
Mrs. Helen L. Wilson
Ms. Mary Wilson
Mrs. Rebecca Wilson
Mrs. Donna K. Windel
Mrs. Carolyn Wright *
Ms. Connie Zhai ■
Mrs. Elizabeth Zoernig-Milam
Mrs. Jill Zwahlen