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YES, I support OSSM because. . .

OSSM is a public Oklahoma educational institution so, regardless of family resources, qualifying students from all counties across Oklahoma talented in math and science can receive in-state world-class advanced academic challenge to develop their math and science interests far beyond the traditional high school model. OSSM is jet fuel for their potential!!

♦  See more reasons why at The OSSM Difference

At OSSM students are able to achieve at levels that earn tremendous scholarship opportunities for college. OSSM students are regularly achieving average ACT and SAT scores outperforming both the U.S. average and that of other schools in the National Consortium of Specialized STEM Schools (NCSSS)!

All OSSM students are accepted to colleges and universities, with more than half attending here in Oklahoma.

♦  85% of OSSM alumni are remaining in technical/scientific fields for their career pursuits—OSSM is an economic engine for Oklahoma!

VIDEO:  OSSM Class of 1995 alumna Natasha Martin Bray, D.O.

VIDEO:  OSSM Class of 2012 alumnus Vincent Peng–Why OSSM is important to Oklahoma

VIDEO:  OSSM Class of 1997 alumna Marty Scantlen, DDS, Dentist, Chickasaw Nation

VIDEO:  OSSM Class of 1997 alumnus Bryan Eastin, PhD, Quanum Physicist, Northrop Grumman

A recently completed independent study found OSSM and its alumni already generating some $40 million in annual economic activity, and this impact is growing with every graduating class!

See October 2016 Journal Record editorial, “Putting women front and center” featuring Ingrid Gao, OSSM Class of 2017 (Stillwater, OK)

See June 2016 article by 2016 – June Meacham article featuring Ryan Dennis MD (OSSM Class of 2001, from Macomb, OK)

See May 3, 2015 article by Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation President Dr. Stephen Prescott

See October 2013 article by i2E, Inc. President & CEO Scott Meacham

Thank you for helping make the OSSM experience possible for Oklahoma students!  OSSM is win-win for us all!