Charitable Gift Annuities

A charitable gift annuity (CGA) is often a gift of choice when a guaranteed income is desired.  A gift of cash or securities is placed in trust in exchange for a contractual life income paid monthly or quarterly.  The income is guaranteed by the issuing charity.  A portion of the gift is invested and used to provide income for life, and the remaining portion qualifies as a present-interest gift to the charity.  Part of the annuity income may be received tax free.  Any capital gains taxes due on the asset that was exchanged for the annuity are paid over the annuitant’s life expectancy.

To support OSSM through this giving vehicle, you can contribute to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation or the Tulsa Community Foundation to receive a CGA, naming the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics Foundation as the charitable beneficiary.


To learn more about charitable gift annuities, please contact Pam Felactu at the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics (405.522.7804), Joe Carter at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation (405.606.2914), or Holly Raley at the Tulsa Community Foundation (918.494.8823). 

Thank you!!