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The Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics (OSSM) is a state funded, residential high school for students with exceptional ability in science and math who plan to pursue careers in STEM related fields.

“OSSM is the most rigorous academic program of its kind in the nation.”  ~ The late Dr. Julian Stanley, founder of Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth and a nationally known expert on gifted education


The OSSM Difference

OSSM challenges students far beyond the traditional high school model.  Everything at OSSM supports students’ academics—from the school’s residential model, college-level curriculum, and largely doctoral-level teaching faculty (70%) to required evening study halls staffed with faculty and absence of cell phones and personal internet.  Students leap forward in their academic progress, and many OSSM graduates receive numerous credits for their OSSM classes at their chosen institutions of higher learning. See OSSM course offerings —  The Real OSSM Difference!

  • Of OSSM’s 1,599 graduates, more than half are still pursuing their higher education
  • Students have attended OSSM from all 77 Oklahoma counties
  • 60% or more of OSSM students typically hail from rural areas of the state (where just 40% of high school students statewide live in rural areas)
  • More than half of OSSM graduates attend college in Oklahoma
  • 85% of OSSM alumni are remaining in technical/scientific fields for their career pursuit
    • More than 400—a third—have obtained or are pursuing engineering degrees
    • Close to another third are pursuing medical, biological, and related career fields including physicians/surgeons (MD & DO), PharmD, PhD (research and academic), DVM, DDS, and others
    • Another third of our alumni have pursued and are pursuing many other fields critical to our economy including Computer Science & MIS, Economics & Finance, Chemistry & Physics, Marketing, Applied & Computational Math, Law and more
  • Of those who have completed their higher education and are working, half are right here in Oklahoma!

A recently completed independent study showed OSSM and its alumni already generating some $40 million in annual economic activity, and this impact is growing with every graduating class!

Across the State

regional center1In addition to the intensive residential model at the main campus in Oklahoma City, OSSM operates seven Regional Centers in rural areas across the state to challenge students with advanced courses (typically calculus and calculus-based physics) near their homes.  OSSM also operates a Virtual Regional Center where interactive instruction is delivered online and labs are conducted with students in face-to-face visits from their OSSM instructor.

OSSM also administers the OSSM Middle School Math Contest each year and provides a range of summer and other outreach programs for students across the state as well as professional development opportunities for teachers annually.


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