Arne Troelstra, Ph.D. – Physics

Dr. Arne Troelstra

Taken from

“Convocation Day”
By an Alum (September 8, 1999)

“Nothing can ever remain constant, especially at OSSM.  Many of the seniors feel a deep sense of regret at having lost [from OSSM] the greatest teacher to have ever walked the face of the earth.  Dr. Arne Troelstra’s retirement was a great loss to all of us (except him, he is going on vacation).  His junior E&M class was one of the most rigorous classes at the school, and yet all of his students did well in it and ended the semester with enough knowledge of the subject matter to crush the AP test in their sleep (which I am sure several have).  His electronics class, though nearly impossible for many students enrolled in it, was still one of the most popular at the school due to the fun nature of the labs involved.  Dr. Troelstra was a great man, a friend to many students, and, though he could get angry, was often prepared to lighten the mood with a joke.  The entire OSSM community will miss this man.”