Fine Arts

Sponsored for the 2022/2023 School Year by the Kirkpatrick Foundation

and by the Oklahoma Arts Council and Mr. Ken Fergeson

Directed by Dr. Kelly Chaves

A visual and performing arts program designed to instill and promote an appreciation of the arts in OSSM students, including classes in specialized areas of art, music, theatre, photography and dance. 

OSSM students are totally immersed in studies that are academically years ahead of a normal high school curriculum.  They are focused, competitive, and devoted to academic excellence.  The Fine Arts program at OSSM gives students relief from the rigors of their academic schedule and teaches them that, though they might not pursue careers in the arts, they can be patrons of the arts throughout their lives.

With the help of private partners, OSSM students are able to enroll in a Fine Arts class for one or more semesters each year as required for graduation.  Many take Fine Arts classes every semester.  Classes are pre-arranged and include specialized areas of art, music, theatre, photography and dance.  Dr. Kelly Chaves (Ph.D. History, U. of New Brunswick; M.A., History, U. of Melbourne; B.A., History and Anthropology (minor in art history and certificate in museum studies), U. of Tulsa.) coordinates OSSM’s Fine Arts classes, hiring expert instructors accomplished in their areas of interest and arranging tickets and transportation to at least two performing arts events and for 4-5 performing artists to appear on campus during the school year.

    Jan 2015 drawing    choreographyDSCN5519    DSC_0067    DSCN5504